Up coming Charity for finding a cure for Breast Cancer-postponed

A few of you were attached to my emails for the Nov 9th Charity event in Manhattan for “A Journey for a cause” Charity to help find a cure for Breast Cancer which I was helping my brother in-law with was postponed today due to the damaging hurricane Sandy that caused some serious flooding and power outages in Manhattan.

There were over a 1000 people coming and almost a 100 celebrities that donated or were attending themselves. This bites but what can you do? The city is an absolute mess where they can use all the help they can get to clean it up. I heard even the World Trade Center area was compromised possibly by all the water that spilled into that area.

As soon as I get the new date which is looking like the first week of Dec. I’ll pass it on. If they can’t get this show going I’ll find out from my brother in-law what’s going to happen to all the donated money that was raised. I’m hoping it all goes to help find a cure and to also reimburse the people who paid to be there as well.

Just another fallout from this storm but my Brother in law and this Charity will be back for sure.

John how did yo guys make out with the storm?

I’m sorry that it’s postponed but now I expect to see you in Huntsville, JT.

Yea I wish…lol I don’t even know if the airports around here went underwater. There’s no TV or phone landlines by me and besides being able to tether into my Droid and its slow as heck or just loses signal couldn’t say for sure how bad it really is in the outside world here. If I new I could get to Huntsville I’d be there in a NY minute:)

Hey Chris we were hit pretty good here but it could’ve been much worse. We have no TV,Internet or landline phones. My business phone stayed working which was surprising but most people around here have no phones and electricity as well.

How about by you?

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