Unloader Problem


My unloader will not go into bypass mode. Has anyone had experience with this? If so, What is the fix?

Thanks in advance.


Try tapping with mallet, pull stem lubricate vanes or if over a year or so replace…


Replace o ring on shutter valve


Flow activated or trapped pressure ?


Unloaders are disposable. If mine give me the least bit of trouble I throw on a new one and it’s good to go in 15 minutes.


I kinda felt like William saying that lol. I’ve honestly never took the time to deal with trying to fix an unloader. I feel like I would just waist time and I can’t afford to do that. You should always keep a spare unloader and get you a pressure gauge from Bob with qc’s so you can set your unloader and be good to go.


I keep shudder rings because it’s a quick fix to try before taking the unloader off. Definitely keep spare unloaders on the trucks. I’ve made it two decades in business without a pressure gauge :grin:


Yea you can set it pretty accurate without one just by looking at the bypass. I’m ocd though I like to see the numbers on the pressure gauge or it will always be on my mind.