Uniform ideas?

I’m sure I can’t be the only one, but I can’t get any questions from the manufacturer… For years we’ve been using Dickies 874 pants, and the similar construction shorts (WR578/WR852), all in dark navy. Never have we had an issue with bleach on any of these items (save maybe getting 12% on them and not washing them for a week…). Recently bought a bunch of the 874s and 852 shorts and they bleach as easily as a pair of cheap jeans. All Dickies will say is “none of our items are bleach proof”, and “nothing in the manufacturing of these items has changed.”

  1. anyone else had any experiences either way with Sickies products recently?
  2. in the absence of being able to get that resolved, what else is anyone using for long pants that are bleach “proof”? Mostly we use shorts, and I can find tons of other polyester options there, but we need pants for Christmas season (that are roof crawling durable) and the guys like to wear them to wash into the early spring. (so none of the “I’d quit if you made me wear pants” jargon, it’s their choice, I just give them both :rofl: )

Man, I can’t even find Dickies in stock anymore… Even the website has crap inventory in my size lol… I have been wearing golf shorts that I’ve had for a few years. Callaway if you want to know. But they are 100% poly and look really professional imho. Got em on sale for like $25 but they are like $40 these days :roll_eyes:

Ever pair of Dickies I’ve ever bot bleach like crazy. I like them in the Winter because a little warmer. but they look like crap after awhile, so mainly just use now for commercial concrete where I’m not using bleach. @Infinity came up with some tactical polyester ripstop pants that work well with SH. I got a couple of pair and they’ve done well, but don’t remember name of them. They’re a lighter weight though than the dickies.

Try the Kirkland ones from Costco…buy a bunch and you can get them down to like $11.

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I always wore Wrangler ripstock from Walmart. This year they replaced the metal rivited button with a cheap plastic button and they rip in the inseam when you bend over. Absolutely garbage now

“Ripstop”, but they rip easily :thinking:

I’ve been using these and love them BUT they are black. So they’re out for the summer.

Here is what someone else recommended awhile back. I have two pair. I like them except for the static cling. But now they are more than 2x the price from when I bought them a year ago.

Thanks! I’m good with black. We’ve been using dark navy blue, but black goes with our branding better anyway. The guys get to choose if they wear the shorts or the pants, so IDC what color they are, lol.

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Sign up for their email newsletter and wait for a sale. They do site-wide 10-20% sales all the time.

I buy 6 pairs of dickeys 874 in tan in the beginning of every year . And they usually make it all year . The tan doesn’t bleach out easily

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But tan gets dirty crawlng around on roofs in the winter, and doesn’t go with our uniform scheme :wink:

If you stop crawling and stand up your pants will probably stay clean :grinning:

True story, but I have an even better plan, I don’t go out there or get on roofs, lol. But the guys are putting up Christmas lights most of the time they’re crawling around up there…

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Black Dockers look awesome after a few jobs, like straight from the Hubble space telescope. Heck, I might just become a fashion mogul when my trigger hand can’t take no more.

The whole Xmas light business doesn’t seem to do well around here for some reason. Probably because we don’t get many seasons in Florida. Less and less homes are decorated for the holidays each year . We only see Xmas lights when we turn in the TV and they show us pictures of homes up north

I know guys that are killing it in Florida with Christmas lights. They tell me they think people are more into lights there because nothing else feels like Christmas…

I wish they would come around here . It’s few and far between here in Tampa .

Sounds like a hole in the market, and a huge opportunity to me.

It’s all your lol . You won’t have much competition.

Mainly because it’s way too far away, lol. Really the competition isn’t much of a thing in that business sector. Or limitation is time and capacity.