Unhappy customer vinyl siding

4GPM system
X-Jet M5 with yellow orifice and beige orifice
Used NorthStar House Wash Concentrate (customer requested I not use anything with bleach)

New vinyl siding
Apparently these spots are everywhere

I rinsed 3 times over if not more. Need help and advice on what this is. I’m pretty sure it’s deposits from the water but he claims he has a filtration system on his house. Definitely need help on this one.

Tell us your method and psi.

Have you been over there to look at it yet? When you zoom it almost looks like some spots have clear plastic coming off around the droplet mark. I might just be seeing things though.

Just for future reference never let the customer dictate what you use or don’t use. SH is the best chem to use on vinyl siding. The customer just doesn’t know any better.


I saw it and it does kinda look like that…I honestly don’t know what to do…

I know this is all debatable but:

Applied bottom to top overlap
Rinse top down several times

X-jet doesn’t really deliver high pressure and I’m positive I didn’t apply high pressure on the siding whatsoever.

Did you happen to take any before pictures or notice if they were already there?

Unfortunately I did not. I don’t get meticulous until afterwards. Terrible habit that probably cost me dearly in this situation. Won’t happen again

I looked up the msds for the North Star house wash but it doesn’t list the active ingredients. I wouldn’t think it would’ve caused it though or it wouldn’t be on the shelves. Before I ever got into pressure washing and didn’t know what I was doing I would always use high pressure on my siding and it never did anything like that. I’m thinking those spots were there before. A lot of times customers don’t notice any issues with the house until after we’re done cleaning it because it’s the first time they’ve actually walked around and looked it over. They look to see how well we cleaned it and then notice issues that were there long before we ever started. It’s probably hard to convince them otherwise just because they’ve never noticed them.

I know you realize it now but before pictures will save you at some point. They’re also nice to have for marketing. It’s definitely a good habit to get into. Try and get into a routine. Pull up to house, hook up water supply to get it filling, tape outlets, bag lights, tape electric meter, tape locks, tape door jambs if needed, make sure windows are closed, and take plenty of pictures especially of any defects you happen to notice. The time stamp will prove any issues were there before you started. It’s even better if you can notice anything major and can let the customers know before you start.

Let some other guys chime in before you decide what to do. You might try and find out what brand of siding it is. Maybe it’s an issue the manufacturer knows about and there’s a recall or something.


It does look like it’s some type of hard water stains. Let it dry for a day or two and check it again. You can always clean it with SH and a surfactant and see how it looks.

Did he buy or recommend the house wash you used?

He might think his water goes through the softener but most of the time hose spigots do not. Hopefully it is just hard water stains.

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When customer ask I not use sodium hypoclorite, it is really easy now for me.I Thank them for considering my service and move on. They obviously know more about housewashing than I. It will make your life a lot easier avoiding this type of client, Best of luck moving forward.


Always soap from top to bottom. XJet is, by it’s very nature, a high pressure nozzle. Don’t let customer dictate your soap. If they do, walk away. Tell him to wait until the next times it rains before y’all make a decision on what to do. Or bring a tank of non well water and rinse it down again


Before pictures or no washing. Period. Sooner or later it will save your behind.

All he recommended was turtle wax :grimacing: so I wasn’t about to do that. He just didn’t want SH used. It’s dark blue vinyl siding and I guess he didn’t want it to fade (which wouldn’t happen…but what do I know.) I really should’ve walked out the gate.

Looks like chemical dried on it, did you rinse well? I would wash with what most professional washers use, SH and surfactant. If they want to tell you what to use and how to do it, just let them do it, walk away.

I rinsed several times over because I was seeing the issue too. I had gone to surface cleaning, came back and saw the issue, and rinsed some more (apparently to no avail).

I don’t do blue vinyl. I’ve seen SH make the oxidation more noticeable, dry uneven and cause a blotchy look.

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Did you use this stuff?