Unfamiliar staining on Siding


Trying to figure out exactly what I’m looking at on this house I’m washing and hope someone can help. It’s white vynil Siding that has some brown stain along the bottom of each piece that is not Coming off with strong house wash mix or high pressure. Any insight would be appreciated. Please see picture…



Search for the term “fallout”


Does it come off with hand scrubbing?


No… Tried a brush on it and didn’t make a dent… Scrubbed it pretty hard.


Here’s what I would do. Don’t worry about it. Wash the house and move on. When I wash a house it’s to get rid of dirt and organic growth. If they want to remove stains outside of normal services it would be another service. Then I would have to come on here and ask how to do so. So in the end, I’d just tell the customer it’s not coming off.

I seen something similar to this when the bbq pit was used too close to the house.


A degreaser with Potasuim Hydroxide…or gutter grenade or similar products to will remove it.

I’m with @harold though… “ siding is stained and that won’t come off”. The. If they get pissy…I’ll throw in there that it’s because of years of neglect.


I’ve ran into the same thing on Aluminum. I just told the customer it was stained from years of not being washed, and they were able to understand that since who knows when the last time it was washed even was. Just to be sure it wouldn’t budge, we cleaned the area three times, and it looked the same as before we started.


I know this may sound off beat but I’ve cleaned siding like this before using aluminum brightener.


That’s what I use, will take it right off, but problem is when you do that section, then going to make the rest of the siding look dirty. It will be bright white, so then the question is do they want to do the whole side. It will come of pretty easy but it’s definitely a fairly decent up charge not included in normal hw.