Undersized injector on 8gpm

I was tinkering around in my trailer setting up multiple injectors for quick and easy changing.

I had:

5-8 hi draw
3-5 hi draw
2-3 hi draw

I tried stacking them inline. The plan was to shut off the valves to the injectors that were not in use. None of this worked. So now I have them ran seperatly with quick connects.

The idea is to have quick access to different strength hw.

I tried the 2-3 hi draw and it pulled soap like crazy. Then it wouldnt pull soap at all. It was an old worn out injector that I’ve had since the days of my 2.8gpm machine. So I’m thinking it may just be old.

I know many here run undersized injectors by one down. Meaning 3-5 on an 8.

Has anyone had any success with running a 2-3 on an 8gpm machine. It worked for me briefly.

I’m trying to get out of using my xjet. I had a vinyl fence that I think would have been a great candidate for this 2-3 action.

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Adjust your mix in your tank, not with injectors

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K.I.S.S. method is usually best.


I’m using straight 12% with them always. The mix is just hot enough to do a home that’s not in bad shape. But some of the stuff I run into requires a hotter mix the the 5-8 or 3-5 is putting out.

I’m going to order the 2-3 and see what happens.

That’s not really how any of this works. I use 12.5 and cut it 3 to 1 before ds’ing. You are just going to restrict your flow till it isn’t worth having a 8 gpm machine


Get yourself good bleach

Ive also wondered about this. From everything I’ve read about it. It restricts flow a good bit. So I never tried it. My plans are to just xjet what I can’t get with DS.

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I’m using fresh 12.5

What injector are you using? I’m using the gp hi draw from pt. It’s mounted about 10’ away from the machine on my hose reel.

80% of the time I would be using the 3-5 with 200+’ of hose. I can’t imagine this will cause any noticeable restriction. But I still have much to learn.

2-3 would not be used often.

If this is the case what’s the point of the injectors with changeable orifices?

I use general 2.1’s from Bob. Interchangeable orifices are a cost savings from a production standpoint and makes it so you can change out orifice when it wears out. You don’t change orifices or injectors to change your draw rate.

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Have you tried any other injectors such as:



This is the one with metering tips.

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I’ll send you a picture when I can find it…my local supplier has an awesome 4 way set up with check valves sch 80 for downstreaming. So you can choose between hw mix, straight 12.5 , degreaser, ect.

They want a pretty penny for it though.

You could run a 3 way ball valve from pressure tek and have your hw mix side go to another 3 way which then has lines going to your chem tank with your hw mix and then maybe a five gallon bucket with straight 12.5% SH.

Here when it’s cold I need to DS straight 12.5 for most gutters and some bad sides…this winter I’m going to build some kind of contraption with two 3 ways

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If that’s confusing I’ll make a drawing and send it to ya tomorrow

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Sounds like you’re making a make-shift proportioner for ds’ing. In which case, I’m pretty sure you’ll need check valves in addition to the 3-ways. Otherwise you could have bleach siphoning into your buffer tank, and vice versa.

No need for check valves. Not siphoning water and sh at same time.

Just the ability to choose between hw mix tank or straight 12.5 tank. No mixing in the valves

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Don’t pay attention to the “yes/no”


I like this idea but I rarely ds any degreaser. I just use a pump up and put it full strength on just the spots. I could see how it would be useful otherwise.

I’m down streaming straight 12.5 100% of the time. I never dilute it, and I’m stil not entirely satisfied with the strength.

On my 5gpm machine I ran a 2-3gpm injector and it put out soap like crazy. This 8gpm not so much. It’s doing the job but the dwell time is longer then I’m acccustomed to.

Maybe there’s a restriction in your gun or hose, reducing your draw rate?

Or maybe the bleach you’re getting isn’t really fresh?

Sounds wild that you would need to ds straight 12.5 all the time, with a hi draw injector.

A restriction as in what? Trash? I’m not sure how to go about checking.

I’ve done the bucket test. I’m getting just over 8 galling per minute.

Maybe the sh isn’t fresh but I’m getting it from the same supplier that I’ve been getting it from. The same sh that the smaller 5gpm machine was putting out a sting mix. It also get really hot on the hand.

Oh I gotcha… my biggest issue right now is the tempature. Is that affecting you? Gets down around 45 and SH doesn’t clean nearly as well.