Udors gear driven pumps

I was wondering about these udors if they work and what they are exactly

Udor is a brand name, (like Cat, General, etc)…but their quality is far and away better than anything out there. Just type “Udor” into the search bar here, on PTState, or TGS and, like I was, you’ll be convinced to buy one very quickly…and you will NOT regret it!


I watched a video once on difference between geared and bekt driven pumps and how the gears would cease onto the engine shaft ruining it. Made me choose the bekt driven.

You can go with belt driven Udors as well. The gear driven ones just make it a bit easier when changing over from direct drive. Also, a quick coating of anti-seize compound should prevent problems.

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By far the best $600 I’ve ever spent. I run mine off of a 5 horse Honda belt driven and it blows me away
The little 12-volt system I have that I built with you know multiple accumulators and solenoid and so on does real well for residential but if I have a big commercial roof that Udor it’s amazing


They do make good chem pumps, I believe, but this thread is more focused on the pressure washing pumps.

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I’m finally in the market to upgrade to a big boy motor. Been looking at gx690 belt driven with gp 8gpm @3000, 8 @3500 , vs the 690 and UDOR gear reducing pump 8 @3000. I just don’t know what to do. Is the UDOR pump really that awesome? Will 500 psi make or break my flatwork? @Innocentbystander don’t you really like UDORS?