Udor pump sight glass

So I finally got my water dragon 8gpm udor with a gx690 and the sight glass for the pump is facing the engine. I can see the top of the glass but not the dot in the middle. Anyone have an idea how I can ensure I keep enough oil in this thing?
I might have to try and find a tiny mirror that will fit in the 1 inch space between the glass and engine. I emailed the guy who helped me order it and he was perplexed and said he’d talk to the guys who put it together.

Mirror. Check it once a year and good to go

Sounds easy enough to me.
How often do you change pump oil? I’ve read a post where you said after the first change, never and another where you said every 500hrs.

You can just use a telescopic inpection mirror.
First oil change after a few weeks then annually after that which is a bit overkill. That’s a 2,500 hr OCI for us.

I also run Orielys Pure Guard ND-30

5000 hours. That was tongue in check. That’s about the life span. I see no need to change it after the first 50 hours or so.

That is perfect and in stock at my local HD. Thank you.
Alright I’ll change it at 50 then “forget about it” (in my best Italian voice)

Thanks for the info guys.

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With pump’s if it ain’t leaking your good, since they don’t burn oil… I check mine one in a while but I check for leaks daily