Two-stepping windows?

If they sheet well I’d just house wash mix them and rinse.

Phobic I don’t think there is anything you can do with water spotting . Even if you spray di waterit’s still going to leave spots. No way to use a rinse bar or fan jets.

I doubt they expect completely spot free results. I know I don’t. But the DI water should at least help reduce the degree of spotting.

I wish I could afford DI. But I’m going through about 1000 gallons an hr. So us poor folk can afford a water softener only

I was thinking that. But was gonna say dilute it down to 10% …

You could always plumb about ten 4x40 RO membranes in parallel…

But that would break the bank in a different way :sweat_smile:

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What’s your tds?

I’m no water expert, so I bought these to test at all my locations I wash and get water at.

See where my pinky nail is around the 425 mark ? It’s usually there. Says over 120 ppm scaling will occur, I’m around the mark were they say a dish washer is useless. It’s all well water @Jordie in the limestone filled state of Arkansas sir

Time to step into the 21st century and get some artwork painted on your nails. Oh, and one of these.


Lol. That’s fancy Brian. And I’m getting gel nails next in blue, I’m thinking the pink and glitter clashes with my light skin tone and ppl don’t take me seriously @marinegrunt :rofl:


Haha…I don’t have one of those things. I just remember someone on here talking about one. I also don’t have pink and blue sparkly nails. Although, that is my thong color for the week. :flushed:


@marinegrunt Pm me some pics


Eww ! And I’m the weird one on here ?


Two weirds do make a right!

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PM’d you.

Everyone please understand that, depending on the windex you are looking at, it is likely a 98% water product. They have name brand recognition, but it isn’t miracle stuff.

98% water, 1.0% IPA, 0.5% surfactant, 0.5% chelator.

Not much going on there


I figured it was way to weak to do anything lol.

I’m telling you it works maybe only of you have hot water but it works

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You 2 fight nice.

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Haha no fight just a trick a old man taught me a long time ago

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Im guess i have really soft water in my location. When i wash a house the windows look amazing. I recently did a house for a lady that had huge windows. I wanted to take a pic to post on here but the pictures just dont show it well. Couldnt tell if they were up or down

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