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Hello there!

Just joined and I’m trying to make post #1 to remove the message advising me to do so. The one link was dead and the other was taking me to another site. I hope this is the right place for this.

I’m mostly commercial window cleaning in Southeastern Ohio. Arby’s, Tim Hortons, Burger Kings, etc. I do have residential customers too and I wind up pressure washing maybe 12-20 houses in a summer for them. The pressure washing has gotten kind of busy for me on account of a chance neighbor of a customer who happened to be a house painter by trade. He saw me washing his neighbor’s house, had me do his and now refers me to his customers and has me wash the houses he’s going to paint. He’s painted for almost 40 years and has painted A LOT of places in my area. I’ve been pressure washing on a small scale for about 6 years now and have a system worked out.
I’m just planning on lurking and learning!

How far are you from Columbus Ohio? I know a few Powerwashers out that way. Buckeye town. Here I’ll give you the best quick advice I can. Join the PWRA and write it off on your taxes. Once you join there’s got to be a 100 benefits if not more.

Speaking of Ohio I lost a garage Bid in Akron Ohio but we may go there in the future… Network Network & The PWRA is a great starting point-- Best of Luck;)

I’m about an hour east of Columbus. Near the intersection of I 70 and I 77. Tell me why I should join. I got a flyer in some chemicals I bought from Pressuretek and that’s how I found out about this forum and so on. For a small scale guy who’s mostly windows anyway , what’s the advantage of joining?

Ok I’ll give you my opinion. First off I belong to multiple groups because I not only market them I also use their benefits that’s offered.

In your case I would consider either joining the PWRA or the WCRA. I’ll be a bit bias here because it benefits me more if you join the PWRA… But either for you would be good. First off you can write off your memberships so figure a 3rd of it you get back at tax time. The benefits are plentiful on at least the PWRA(WCRA is probably as well but we don’t do windows and I never been to their site so I can’t offer much advice there).

I used a few of the PWRA benefits last year and in total I mat have saved closed to a $1000. $800 alone in my website I had built thru one of their supplier vendors.

I also get to go into the PWRA membership area on this bb and revue the RFP’s that are offered to the members. For an Association that has gone from a start up to over 170 members in a little over a year says volumes. It’s obviously working.

I’m also on the PWRA contractors list area which helps with my SEO because I market my membership and I could also have someone look for my company in there and I could get potentially a job out of it. That happened with another org. I’m affiliated with that paid over $13,000 for simple Trex cleaning jobs… So in that aspect it could be a major winner and it could happen here as well.

In my worst case scenario now since it only cost $199/yr for me to be a member now because I’m on my second yr as a member I still get a 3rd back or written against my gains at tax time. So in reality I’m really only paying about a Buck 20 a yr… And I always Market Market and market some more the groups I belong to on my website, estimate/ invoice sheets and business cards/post cards etc. You can see on my home page who I belong to Clean County Power Washing - Homepage | Clean County Power Washing

So those are some of the reasons why I belong to this excellent association. As for the $120 it really cost me now to be a member that only cost me about an hours worth of work a yr at most to pay for the PWRA which in turn pays me back over and over again.

This could work for you as well to.