Trying to get started

Ok I am trying to get a business started. I have read and read and read forums, articles and blogs. Plus videos. Everything is starting to run together. My first question is housewash mix. I am going to use a 4,000 psi 4gpm belt driven washer, with 100 3/8th preconnected, and a jrod. Probably use 10%sh and elemonator. 1st question what ratio should I use for my solution. 2nd dealing with oxidized siding, what is the best way if you have to deal with it. Any advice will help. Thank you

  1. Depends. Keep researching and tinkering

  2. Don’t

That’s what everyone says lol. The injector says 20% draw whatever that means. And how do you tell the difference between oxidation and just little dirt

Best thing you could have do is pay someone a grand or so to let you work with them for a week. Answers and insight will make up for the cost. Or do like me and plug along at it for 20 years.

Tikes55- take @Innocentbystander advice.

you need 200’ of 3/8 hose at least in my experience. You need a 12.5% sH supplier and at least a 25 gallon+ tank. Downstream injectors can’t do over25% draw in my experience. I believe mine does about 10-15%. If I draw straight 12.5% mix with a surfactant it is very strong to clean the siding. It’s typically ok to cut the 12.5 down to like 6-8% and just let dwell longer or reapply a couple times. Never go without surfactant! Don’t let bleach dry on siding or especially windows. have a bucket of water next to your bleach bin to clear the downstream injector thoroughly especially when rinsing those windows. Do house is small segments. Good idea to tape outlets. Get 0 degree nozzles and pole extensions