Trying to get a new pump

Hey guys! just looking for a little help on how to figure out what pump i can pair with my engine.

I recently had a 4400 psi 4gpm that blew on me and trying to see what i should put in its place. It was a direct drive on a 420 cc engine. From what i can tell i think its about 12-13hp

Is there a way I can/should make it a belt drive or do I replace with something direct drive.

You can get a gear reduction box (gear drive) and install an appropriate pump designed for it. That will power a 4gpm/4000psi or a 5gpm/2500psi (recommended).

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is 2500 going to be enough? For surface cleaner and ect?

If it’s the Harbor Freight 420cc, it has 13hp which is slightly more than the Honda GX390.

The other guys can comment on pumps, after 200’ of hose my surface cleaner is set to 2500psi but I’m running a v-twin at 8gpm.

im not sure exactly who makes the engine but it came as a simpson combo