Trying out a new filter Y Strainer

Dixon Valve :: Y Line Strainer


Hey Michael - would be interested in your feedback on this filter.

Fresh Look Pressure Washing

Works fine. I like the clear bowl better to see if it is needing cleaning. Not seeing causes more work by cleaning whether it needs it or not.

I have an issue with flow on the clear bowls and was wondering if you saw an increase there?

I’ve been looking at these for a while and will be switching out our old “Bowl” type filters for these.

Great video Michael, Thanks for posting it!!!

I’m a little bit skeptical about that filter and here’s why. While I do believe the flow will be better my concern is that when water goes thru that filter the bowl will fill up with water as well. Most particles should drop down in there but because there’s a straight line for the flow It looks like some particles may float past the bowl and end up in the pump.

I use similiar looking filters but all the water has to go thru the filter before it comes out the other side.

I also do agree about the clear filters. If I had to do my filters over again I would have looked for larger sized clear filters so like Mike says, you can see inside of them to see if they need cleaning instead of opening them up to look for dirt in there when they could have been used much longer between cleanings.