Trying an email template with mailchimp, but it's not working

I’m trying one of the email templates that we get with our membership, but it’s not working with mailchimp. It says HTML only, but the template is PSD. I have adobe CS6, but don’t see saving as HTML as an option, but maybe I’m using the wrong program? Any tips?

By the way, I can save as a .html file and it just won’t open, so it’s probably something I’m doing wrong…

Hey Phil

Ok what you do is edit the template with photoshop, complete all your changes and simply save it as a jpeg. Upload that jpeg to mail chimp and your good to go.

Thanks, Chris. What I ended up doing was using a basic template and just removing everything and uploading the .jpeg file instead of importing a template. It said it has to be .html for a template and when saved that way it just looked like a broken file. This works, though, thanks for replying!

No problem… Happy to help

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