Truck washing (Soaps, Tips and Tricks)

Lol. That’s an extremely bad case of the buggies. Thanks 4 taking them off the hwy,now my trucks won’t have so many on them. :joy: …Sorry. @GeorgeNicholson

I’m using bug soaker thin, Chad threw in a 5 gallon bucket with my order to try out. It worked great on everything except above the cab. Had to actually work at it for them to come off.

My son and I was just talking about getting a 6 footer. Do they come in dual Lance’s? My old ■■■ needs one of those high speed triggers where the pressure of the machine pushes the gun into your palm, where the trigger is.

You said do it at 15:1 right for both steps? So I shouldn’t even use a proportioner since my injector puylts out at 15:1. How much soap are you using per rig? Or how many per gallon of soap

Yeah,start out at 15:1 on dyna clean and around 25:1 on super sonic and climb from there. I’m at like 30:1 for my weeklys on the Dyna clean, 50:1 on acid. Once you get it figured out ,start using your porporationer tips to use less soap and acid. Once you get them clean and get them on a regular schedule, you can save more time and product

I’m using about 2/3 of a gallon of dyna clean and 1/3 of super sonic

Per truck? That seems like a lot

This is why I may be screwed. I was thinking my second sop should be stronger. So 25:1 on dynaclean and 15:1 on super Sonic. Been doing this ■■■■ backwards all along

I just run mine both equally. I mix to 50 gallons and I pull about 35:1 with my two step gun.

Also your post is a little confusing because 25:1 is weaker than 15:1.

Yep ,but no brushing on a 70 foot big fella rig, done in 85 minutes or sowith engine clean ,get ya $150 and move on,

I know it’s weaker. I thought the second soap was supposed be stronger. Supersonic should be the weaker of the two

I do 25:1,20:1 and 50:1 for acid. But I run 3 different kinds of acid. Hf,PH,Citric. You generally don’t need alot of acid compared to your soap to make the magic happen fellas.

Right so your first step should be weaker mix than your second right?

So we’ll go with supersonic (step 1) and dynaclean (step 2). Supersonic 25:1 and dynaclean 15:1 was what I was thinking

Simply stated. Less acid,more soap. Sorry if I confused ya

Yes. If I were you,go 15:1 across the board,wide open on your DS,then it will get clean for sure,with that holy crap factor. Then start choking it down on acid and soap to start saving $ …The dirtier the truck ,the more product. When you get $2000 saved up ,then the game changes to a 2 step upstreaming ,kinda,process at 2000 psi like @pressureguy has,ya’ll don’t 2 step HF yet,so it’s a little different. It’s challenging for sure, but cuts your time in half,but only do it every 3rd wash or so on paint,I use it on non polished rigs only

I want @pressureguy two step gun set up. But I also want my 3000 psi to blow off debris, and 5th wheels etc for both of my machines, cause I split them up on different jobs.

@Hotshot That’s a tall order to fill but I’m thinking upstream your soap and downstream your acid with a high pressure pulse pump. No remote, just your one hose and high pressure soap and acid. Let us know lol

I may get it going as I have one single account that has been killing me ever since I signed them on despite knowing better. They are team driven conventional tractors with sleepers and in two weeks (likely 12k miles), they get hammered. It’s unreal and I think to myself every time they suck my night away from me that I’m going to go and rig up some more firepower. In less than a few months they are adding another 7-8 power units taking them up to 28 and I’m out there with two times the soap coming out of my gun and still feeling like a snail.

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You can run a high pressure or turbo nozzle into the end of the two step lance. Tried it the other day with no problem.

Well, you definitely identified a major problem there. My furthest account is 40 min out, no how no way am I going any further out.

Yeah it’s an issue. I made a master list of all the trucking companies within a 2 hour radius using

If I were to restrict my radius to 40 minutes, I would have about 15 clients with 10 or more power units to work with and there’s only a handful of smaller clients and owner/operators that are close enough to be worth it.

Man that bites, I just got emailed a list of 42 to explore this coming week. Me thinks you should move next year but not to Arlington ha ha hell I’d break my lease and move out of state to skate around the rental issue that would create.

I’ll have to explore that site. I’m thinking about blogging on LinkedIn soon

Sounds like a race to the bottom.