Truck to buy + skid set up / $20k to 25k budget

Hey everyone!

I’m starting from scratch with no experience at all. I’d like some recommendation on the following:

  1. which truck should I buy?
  2. I don’t want to waste time putting my own skid together. I prefer to buy a complete skid system with all the necessary equipments that is reliable/durable and easy to use/operate. Which companies should I work with? What are my options?

My budget is $20k to $25K max. including the truck. I’m located in Upstate New York.

Thank you.

I would buy a used service body truck, drive to Raleigh NC to MVP services, spend the night and have them install a tank, reels, 8gpm machine and everything you need. Probably cost you $7500 for all the equipment, two days on the road and a night in a hotel plus the cost of a truck