Trip to the USA 🇺🇸

I’m planing a trip for next year - but there’s so much to do and so many things to see, it’s impossible to do in three weeks (and actually have a break too).

New York? Hollywood? LA? East Coast, West Coast arrgh!

Problem is, I love culture - that includes big cities/buildings as well as remote places, but I love the beach, forests and nature too. It’s tricky because I can’t see me going more than once (so many other countries to visit on the list).

So, if there were THREE places you could go to in the US, where would they be and why?

Kind of a hard question to answer. Have you thought about renting a vehicle and taking I-80 across the country? You can start in New York and head east hitting Chicago, Omaha (college world series if you are into baseball in June/July), Wyoming (Yellowstone), and into California. Hit the beaches there and head south and then take I10 back across the southern portion of the country.

But if you only had 3 places to go, definitely have to do something on the east coast (New York City) / west coast (San Diego / LA / Seattle) / Midwest(ish).(Yellowstone)

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Tough one, you’re right…the US has incredibly varied topography and cultural centers.

I guess you could do a tour of the East Coast with NYC and New England for the more natural side of things, fall being the best time of year.

You’ll want to check out the West for the massive mountains and crazy national parks. Always wanted to see Yellowstone.

Northern Michigan is supposed to be amazing but I’ve never been. Then there’s the West Coast, incredible scenery.

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It’s just gets tougher the more you name these amazing places! I’ve googled them and each and every place I could spend a month there!

Good info so far though - thanks :pray:t2:

New York
Los Angeles
Orlando/Tampa Fl

Spend a week in each city. BOOM:+1:t3:

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It’s a huge country. Fly in, rent a car, drive around in that area then fly out to a different part. You really don’t want to be driving solid for three weeks unless you’re into that sort of thing.

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I don’t mind driving, new roads, different cars - quite exciting! Not for the whole trip though. I didn’t think driving the whole time would be making the best use of time as it would be lot of the same same between places maybe.

Thanks for the input. I’ll get the most recommended places from this thread after a while and start to research the best time and best things to do :slight_smile:

You dont need to rent a car in New York or LA. Do tours and use Ubers or Lifts.

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Definitely no need for a car in NYC . I do recommend a car for LA. This will allow you to drive to the outer suburbs or to travel outside LA to Las Vegas , San Diego or even all the way to San Francisco along the Pacic Coast Highway stopping along the way in many scenic towns. Just my .2 cents.


I spent a week in New York. Subway and Ubers was just fine. We walked over 20k steps a day.

I’d stay away from LA honestly. Hit San Diego or Seattle. You can visit Mexico or Canada as well depending on what city you go to.


This is why I started this thread because you guys live in these places :slight_smile: I’d like some real insight as opposed to brochures (yes, the mrs like them still).

Hit the East Coast - I’d even think of flying into Montreal then drive down thru Maine to Florida, it’s nice. spend a couple of days in Montreal, NYC, Washington DC, hit Outer Banks, then Charleston SC, then Orlando. Whole drive if done all at one time, which you wouldn’t be doing, is probably only 25-30 hours. Then fly from Orlando to New Orleans, spend a day, then fly to Salt Lake Utah, drive north to some beautiful scenery and parks for a few days, could even drive to Seattle and then down coast to San Francisco area. Spend a few days there - Napa Valley, Carmel, etc. Fly home. Absolutely nothing worth the effort much south of San Francisco unless you just like seeing lots of highways and cars and sitting in traffic.

Mid to late Spring is a great time to visit all of these places.


I can think of no reason to visit any place except NC. Goat races and blueberry festival in Burgaw. From there head East to the Outer Banks. Then a 6 hour ride to Boone. Tweetsie RR and beautiful mountains. You want have to deal with people and the food is fantastic in all three places


NC? Sorry…is that North Carolina?

Yes indeed

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You really have to decide on a focus. Barring that Racer nailed it. My favorite cities are DC, Seattle, and San Francisco. Nature areas? Any where in Pacific NW or Northern California.

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NYC is a must. If you’ve never been there before it’s pretty impressive. Lots of great restaurants. You don’t need a car in NYC. I wouldn’t do more than a few days there. I’d second San Diego over L.A. I never saw San Francisco but everyone I know who has been there loves it. For smaller cities with a lot of culture I’d go with New Orleans and Charleston South Carolina. Best idea would be to pick a couple regions and bounce around. For Nature I would do Grand Canyon and Yellow Stone National Park.


Fly into San Francisco, rent a car visit Bodega Bay ,Redwood forest, Napa, then drive to Vegas, Grand Canyon is a day trip from there you can be in San Diego in 6 hrs then to LA Hollywood then up pacific coast HWY back to SF my 2 cents. Enjoy wherever you end up.

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Got to add Glacier National Park to the list.