Tree Limbs on Roof?

Customer was supposed to have the tree limbs cut back from this gazebo roof before I got here, but the landscapers didn’t get to it.

She’s really, really hoping to get the roof cleaned today. Is this going to be a major problem for the tree? I’m telling her that it’s probably best to wait. Any experienced advice is appreciated.

First post here, but I have a little knowledge of trees, you should wait. The dwell time with a roof mix is going to make that one unhappy tree, and may dictate the shape it then has to be pruned to.

I’m also curious about how you plan to mitigate the runoff into the pool?

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I would wait. We always have the customer trim back off roof at least a foot. If your anxious to complete the job you could offer to trim back as well.

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Well, Im planning on using SH and no surfactant so no suds. The pool people should be here to winterize every thing in a couple of weeks. This pool is mainly for looks anyway as the home belongs to an 80 yr old widow.

Thanks for the tip, I told her I’d have to wait. Just didn’t feel right.

I wasn’t worried about the bleach, more about the dirt coming off the shingles, but maybe I’m over thinking it and the pool filter handles that

Any bleach/ dirt doesn’t make much of a diff from what I’ve seen, and that roof is hardly dirty anyways :joy:

Ran into this issue a few weeks back. Tree guy was supposed to come but didn’t. We were there to clean the entire roof of a large lake home. I just snapped some branches off to give me enough clearance to apply my mix from the roof line.

I would spray it anyway. The only limbs that will be effected are the ones that need to be trimmed anyway


Exactly, or you could tie off the limbs out of the way.