Training Grounds

I decided to see what I could do to clean this area up at my work:

I left my pump sprayer at work, and when I pulled it out the wand was broken off. Unfortunately, this meant I didn’t get to pre-treat the surfaces with 5% SH as I had planned.

I fired up my washer and rinsed the vertical walls and ground using the white tip. Then, I hooked up the siphon to my 10% SH and used the black tip, followed by a quick test with the pink tip. I noticed that the washer was sputtering before I connected the siphon tube, but this stopped once the tube was attached. Should I be covering the injector or having it siphon water to prevent this sputtering?

I left the siphon tube on and switched to the yellow tip to remove as much grime as possible.
There’s still a lot of dirt left on the surfaces. I believe I need to get some F9 Efflo and F9 BARC and hit it again.

I’m going to keep working on this until I feel comfortable taking a job. I’d like to tackle those doors but I realize there’s a good chance of me making them look worse with what little I know. Blessed to have this amazing training ground and all the knowledge here for me to soak up!

Either buy chemical resistant pump sprayer and wash it out when you’re done for the day or budget to pitch them ever couple jobs.

Also 4% is about the most I’ve ever needed to pre or post treat and even then it was probably overkill.

Most people block off the “built in” injector and use a down stream injector after the pump. Search this site to gain more knowledge about down streaming.

Along with that. if you are wanting to make turn this into a business, look into a jrod or m5ds and a surface cleaner for your sized machine.

A lot of that looks like non-organic staining… efflorescence and rust being the primary issues… the black stains might be exhaust or rubber from where trucks have hit the loading dock… hard to tell from the pictures. All that to say, SH isn’t going to take care of all of that so research specific chemicals/cleaning procedures to take care of those. The f9 cookbook is helpful for this and worth the $$$ they charge.

Keep reading and learning here and you’ll do fine. The best advice I was given when I joined the forum was to search for the keyword of the question I had and read 5 articles that related. If I was still stumped or stuck then ask a question including as much detail about the situation as possible.

Sheesh, go buy a new pump up. The bleach friendly ones are $16 at Lowes. I -2 gal of SH in a pump up, with a little degreaser added, that would be a 15min job from start to finish not counting the efflo removal which no one would bother with in the real world on something like that.

I’ll pick a sprayer up from Ace, PIA getting on and off the island this time of year to get to Lowes.

I’d like to get some of the F9 products and take their class when it comes back around.

He was just in Augusta a few weeks ago. Probably won’t be back in this neck of the woods for awhile.