Trailer sneak peek

Lions share surface cleaning - YouTube

Looks Good Dave!!! What type of liner did you use for the floor?

Rhino. Think it was about $800

looks really good. let me know how that hose reel holds up with the Sh in the trailer. on the burner why didnt you go straight up and out and put a roof cap on the roof of the trailer?

That’s nice!

Decided to try this way before we punched a hole anywhere. It was very cost effective and for functionality, we have a 2 ft section that hook on/off in seconds to extend totally out of the trailer.

Its fully functional now with 0 leaks, but we still have a few tweaks to make. all in all its been a great learning experience.

Hose reel was cheap and is easy to replace of need be. I have a similar model from the same store that I mounted to a pallet with 300ft of chem hose and my gen2 last year. I don’t run chem through it, but its held up nicely. I figured this would last even longer just holding water hose

Is that 5/8ths on the supply hose? If so switch it to 3/4 much better flow. Looks good!

It is 5/8. I found 6 ply for $20 per 100ft at Costco. Quick fix to start.

I took the mesh filter out of my float valve and the inlet waterfowl seems great. I wanna see how much water we are ending with after doing a house wash. lets say we pull up with a 1/4 tank of water, i almost want less flow into my buffer if we can get through a house bath and end with the same 1/4 tank, as opposed to having to drain a full tank every job, know what I mean?