Trailer signage first draft

Initial design from graphic designer need to change some of the wording but the thoughts on the concept?

i like it, but where’s the phone number? i would maybe think about shrinking the logo and making the service text a lot bigger.

did you see my van? in three weeks i’ve already got two new customers from the van alone, and my guys tell me they see people slowing down to get the phone number on almost a daily basis. i’m sold on that style- services and phone number huge, logo etc wherever you can fit it.

I agree. Phone # huge along with the services you offer. Your logo smaller. People want to know what youdo before they want your name.

John Devine.

I agree, with the designer in Indonesia it takes a couple of back and forth’s to get things straight

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another fiverr?

Enlarge and bold the font of your business name (Seems Washed Out)…enlarge web addy…add phone # …and you’re Gucci.

Looks Good!

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