Trailer 'ghost image'

Not sure where this belongs…
I recently bought an enclosed 5x8 trailer from a former DJ. He took the lettering off, but there’s a ghost lettering image on the sides.

I tried bleach, didn’t do a thing. 1000 grit wet sandpaper worked on the back but also takes off a layer of factory paint. Anyone have a method that works?

Buffing it with rubbing compound and an electric buffer may work.

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Might be only so much you can do. Your probably seeing the difference of sun damage vs no sun damage because it was covered by a sticker. You could sand and buff it . But since it’s a trailer you could probably sand and paint it just as quick

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When I had vinyl removed from my work truck, I had a ghost image from the signage. My brother works in a body shop and they buffed it out. The truck was only a couple years old and the vinyl had only been on for maybe a year and a half. Your situation may be different.

Are you going to leave it without your name on it?

I worked at an ambulance refurbishing company and we bought a lot of used ambulances that needed to be debadged. 2 common things left ghost imaging.

First was glue from the old letters. Get an automotive grade adhesive remover and try that first.

Second was oxidized paint that wasn’t protected by the letters. Most of the time we were usually able to buff them out on white paint. If they didn’t buff out we repainted them in our onsite body shop.

I do need to get my trailer lettered, that’s for sure.

When you say ‘buffing’, what sort of paste did you use? The ghosting is definitely from oxidized paint, no residue.

At this point we’re talking about a wrap instead of lettering, depending on cost.

Rubbing compound. You can get it it in a finer grit also, but both are for polishing.

Works best with an electric buffer, but you can also rub it out by hand.

Thanks, I’ll look for it at the store.

We used a white liquid polishing compound. I don’t remember which one. Depending how you hold and angle the buffer makes a difference too. If you use the edge more and move slow it can be more aggressive. Be careful and don’t burn the paint. Might be worth it to see how much a detailer would charge.

I’ve had luck with soft scrub cleaner with bleach. It’s abrasive enough to cut some paint

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Thanks, I picked some up yesterday, will try it today.

Glad the soft scrub got it done for you. Works amazingly well on white trailers

3M makes a wheel that goes into a drill for removing lettering without damaging the surface underneath. Works awesome. I’ll find you a link.

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That was one of the best inventions I’ve ever used . Turns a week long job into a one day job