Trailer Frame


This trailer has already been stripped of its decking and most of the square tubing braces. Never seen anything like this. Does this undercarriage/frame look familiar to anyone? A lot of heavy steel and unusual shaped. I’m wanting to modify to a 5x14.


Scrap it…buy a different trailer.


Agreed! Doesn’t look like a good starting platform. What you would invest to make this one safe would likely pay for a decent used one ready to go.


Put some stain on that deck!


It looks like it was fabricated from demo scrap


I am no trailer expert but the frame appears to be cobbled together from square tubing and what looks to be a crossmember from an older RV/motorhome. My advice would be to follow these other guy’s advice and scrap that thing and get a basic trailer that you can build onto. Saving money is great and all but safety should always be paramount. With enough digging around you can usually find brand new trailers for $700-$1500. I bought a 16ft Texas Bragg tandem axle trailer just a few months ago for $1495. It works great.


Thanks for the advice. Yes I came to terms today about the whole thing today as I was grinding away / wasting time. I’m looking around now