Trailer floor protection

Hey y’all! I just bought a slightly used enclosed 7x12 double axil. What do you guys protect the floors? I am looking for something I can do myself…? Any advice.?


How has it held up with bleach? Also did you already have the paint gun to spray the material?

I put some heavy duty kitchen linoleum flooring down, it was a real pain though.

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You need to tag the guy who made that thread. I had my truck sprayed at a shop but haven’t used it yet.

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I literally just finished putting Herculiner on the floor of my new enclosed trailer 3 hours ago. It’s supposed to be just as good as line-x and it’s easy to do and cheaper.

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I just did mine with expoxy kit from h.d


Hmm how much? Can you explain how you did it?

I’m just beginning my build and was concerned about the moisture and mildew, decided to use an easy application of textured waterproofing deck stain from HD. I’m using a slate gray as I’m already concerned about the charcoal trailer color and it becoming a real hotbox! Good Luck!

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At least you have a side door. Before I put the roof vent in, that sucker was hot enough to boil water. Almost.