Trailer build Update

Finally almost done with this build. Got the ladder rack welded over the last couple days then coated with a 2 part epoxy bed liner. This is my first time using the bed liner but I love how it hides all the defects. Now I just have to install my 8 gpm cold water machine on the back and weld up a mount for two more hose reels that will sit at the upper back end above my chemical tanks.


You need some hefty wheels and tires

Have axels flipped, for clearance, new taller fenders & 16" wheels & tires E load range. I like the low profile ladder rack.

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I have to get a new rear axle. I bent the spindle when I got a flat one day and didn’t have a spare so I drove home with the just the rear tire on that side. I thinking about just throwing some 5200lb axles under it.

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That ladder rack is taller than it looks in this picture but that machine is 51 inches tall so it it made it look lower than what it is.

5200’s would be safer than 3500’s if your running a 350 gallon tank 35’s should be fine as long as you upgrade hubs to 6 lug 16’s w/ brakes. Good looking setup

Got the other machine mounted on the back. Now I just have to plumb it.


I have a very similar setup and almost an identical trailer. Is that a 12’?

Curious if these square openings in your reel mounts/platform have any special purpose?

@Infinity I’m just guessing but I would say to get to the bolts that hold that middle reel in place…

So I can reach the bolts behind it without killing myself

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It’s a 14. I had a 12 before and felt like a needed a little more room for chemical tanks