Trailer build ASAP


Damn dude, I’m glad nobody got hurt. Now I’m nervous about getting on the freeway. But wow you really got lucky you didn’t start flipping over.


You are a very lucky man, be safe


Oh, man. So glad you’re ok.

Small upside is, I guess this revealed any items that need to be secured better :flushed:


Wow, that will make you pucker! Glad you’re ok and no one got hurt!


Wow, that is scary. I’m glad you are ok.


I would be shitting my pants.
That’s why i am scared of driving with water.
I am really glad no one got hurt, and you are safe.
When too hard to stand take a knee


Brodie, I’m glad to hear you are okay.


Glad you kept the rubber down and your safe!


It’s because there was no water. Thanks everyone.


Still glad you ok bud


I was watertight. The bulkhead isn’t.


Glad you’re ok dude. It’s a bad feeling when that trailer starts wobbling. Throw a couple barrels of water in the front or figure out how to re-configure. You need 60% of the weight on the front. Running with an empty water tank shouldn’t make trailer wobble.


Everything is behind the axle. 4 pressure hoses, two racks, 6 reels, fuel tank, and 3 machines. This trailer is huge. Tank is over the axles. Absolutely empty in front of the axles and in the space thats leftt over you could put bunk beds in there. It’s huge. Lol.


Glad you’re ok dude.


Did you get to use your emergency change of pants after that?


Still wearing disaster pants in shame.


I use this cause i am a wimp.


How does that help weight displacement?


Yes it does.
By telling you the tongue weight


It’s got a scale built into it. So you know your tongue weight.

Rule of thumb is your tongue weight should be 10% or a little more of the gross trailer weight. For instance, my trailer is a little under 1k#, so I make sure I have about 100# pushing down on the ball hitch.

From the sounds of things, I’m guessing Brodie actually had negative tongue weight. So basically when the trailer started to wobble, it lifted and fishtailed the back of his truck around. Scary stuff.