Trailer build ASAP


Will retest.


Gifts from Canada were in my driveway when I got home last night. The next two days are full but I’ve got some afternoons on Thursday and Friday so if all goes well the Sharknado will be in Alabama next week.


Had a few minutes before the sun went down to button up some little stuff in the trailer. Built a new battery box because like a dummy I measured the electrical box I was going to put the battery in wrong. Had some scrap aluminum and I use the little roof flashing cut offs when soldering and with a hot glue gun so I bent out some shapes. I wish I had fresh aluminum flat bar this stuff is a little beat up, but it works great.

Installed the gas tank, but couldn’t find about 12’ of fuel line tonight to plum it in. I hate not knowing where stuff is. Installed my teflon tape on all the hose ends and small pieces. Torqued everything down on the motor and pump, filled them up with oil, and made battery cables before I realized I hate the battery contacts on this dang battery. I shoulda looked closer when ordering. Gotta pick up some small washers which I didn’t have in cottage cheese tub full of washers.

It’s a battery and it’ll work, but in the future I’d buy top posts with the holes that face to the front of the battery. I like using wing nuts on the battery contacts and it’s not possible with this one.


Those injectors look sweet. What are they? Never seen them with plastic soap barbs before.

Edit: found them. Super cool.


Did you make that battery box holder? What are you powering with that btw looks like a motorcycle battery.


That’s a squid’s original. :slight_smile:


I love proportioning injectors.


Everything is done and ready to go. Got the hoses on reels, all the plumbing… EXCEPT whip lines and I ordered a 1” steel king barb for the pump, took it out of the package and this thing is weird. Calipers say 1 5/16”… way too big. So I’m on the search for a 1” tomorrow morning, but it’s all ready for testing after that. More pics to come.


Or something similar


Thanks! Remember when you texted asking how many times I’d been to the hardware store? It was once with a list, but I had most things on hand or ordered. I did good…

Until I started buttoning the last of it up. Tomorrow will be my 3rd trip. Lol


Do I see the fear drive pump also bolted down?


No. It’s got a plate bolted up underneath it that came with the pump. Just didn’t remove it.


I was wondering! I know most people just let them hang.


I can’t admit to texting. That would imply collusion between the ranks. You must have been texting with awesomewash1


This is what you call an expensive mistake. Don’t trust your first plan because something is going to change. Had a few minutes last night to put the last button on the trailer and when I pulled the whip lines off the hook I immediately knew they were all too short. I’ve been so busy it didn’t even occur to me.

I never accounted for the height of reels off the ground, needing to change the floor plan a bit due to the slope at the end of the trailer, orientation of the pumps, OR the fact that having whip lines draped across an opening would make all the extra storage space in the rear unusable.

So today, I ordered custom 2 wire whip lines from my hose repair place because the trailer goes down Friday and this is all they had.

$215 lesson learned. Order whip lines last.


While I’m waiting for the truck truck to fill up, here’s one final update before I hit the road with it.

Haven’t had a spare moment to test everything for at least 8 hours like I wanted. The other day I filled the tank up to 100 gallons and fired up the machine and Shazam. Pulled and sprayed water out of a wide open gun.

Today, I opened it up to get the last of my stuff out of it before I hit the road. 100 gallons gone and all over the floor. Thank goodness for line-x.

I put more water in it to see where it was coming from. The main culprit is the giant bulkhead. So I talked to @Innocentbystander and he gave me some ideas then to @Trp5925 and decided to take it down and we’ll troubleshoot it together down there.

So… here I go!


New Rig Soon!

Awesome work. Quick connects on injectors make them easier to change out. Only thing I see to pick on you about. Safe travels. Don’t eat the BBQ in Alabama


I’ve seen these in carwashes.


I remembered why I need water in the tank. About an hour in I got the speed wobbles and lost control of the truck and trailer. Too heavy in the back end of the trailer.

Did a 360 on the highway in rush hour and by the grace of a higher power spun to a stop and didn’t get hit.

The truck and trailer and I crawled home and I just now stopped shaking enough to type this. I’m ultimately superrrr glad it happened to me and not Tyler and his pregnant wife, Jessie.

So here’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned. Balance the freaking trailer.

Embarrassed as hell,