Trailer build and paint


was tring to match the colors.


Trying to figure out where to move the tanks to keep the weight right.
The first 65 gallon tank is roof mix tank, so it will not always have something in it.
The second 65 gallon tank will be buffer tank and will only be driving around will 20 gallons in it
The third 35 gallon tank will be HW mix and will probably only have 15 gallons in it at most
Pressure washer will be sitting behind the 35 gallon tank.


Just realized i can just go fill them to where ill have them and see for myself :sweat_smile:


That truck and trailer are heavy enough to haul all the tanks full. I would lay it out that way. If you had a 200 gallon or a tote it would be a different story.


True but wouldn’t want to drive around with 65 gallons of roof mix unless im doing a roof. I think i got it right now going to bolt all this down thursday.


Red lines are the plumbing. I like it on the right side so the plumbing all stays under the hose reel deck but it thats up alot of space there. What do yall think?


Just make sure you can fill machine with gas and start it really easily with preferably nothing in the way.


What if you did picture two but turned it 1/4 turn to where the pump is facing the rear of the trailer? Would there still be enough room to fill it with gas, reach choke, etc? I can’t tell if the hose reel would be blocking you from easily messing with it. It would make it easier to start like that but not might work for you. I’m just thinking I wouldn’t want to have to step over the tongue of the trailer to start it or shut it down. The extra space on the right side could be nice especially if you know what you wan to put there. It looks like the perfect spot for your…never mind…I won’t go there. :grin:

Maybe place it in different spots, do some washing drills, and realize you’ll be doing it multiple times a day and everyday throughout the wash season. Maybe do the drills 100 times right in a row for each spot and if you whisper under your breath, “this sucks” or “man, I’m out of shape” move it to the next location.

Everything is looking good! :+1:


Im liking the idea. I can pull the cord no problem too. Its all died space under that hose reel rack other than my 2 batteries for my 12volt but those are ahead of the plumbing.

You had my trailer backwards. Pressure washer is in the back.





Any ideas on mounting my PW. I mounted my tanks down with d rings and racket straps and was going to do the same with my pressure washer but i don’t feel it will hold it down well. I dont want to remove the wheels because this will soon be my back up pressure washer and there might be a time where i need to roll it off the trailer to use it( you never know).

Already covered in pollen.


Would bolting it down through the rubber vibration isolators be enough?


Sounds nearly as much a hassle as removing the wheels.

I’ve seen some guys use turnbuckles to fasten their wheeled machines.


Wheels need to come off. no way to secure it correctly with pneumatic tires


Pipe strap run over axels & screwed down


True. I didnt think about air in the tires. Would be a pain in the butt if one went flat. Guess ill just take them off and throw them in the shop.


Plus, in no time the sun will make them flat and dry rot.


Do they sell a after market attachment for pressure washers with wheels that is even with the front plate already on the machine? Would be nice just to pop the wheels off and attach it. I like where it is sitting at height wise.

Couldnt find anything online


Lose all the factory mounts and grab you some 2’ angle iron and bolt it to the skid the engine sits on.


Will probably do that later on. I dont have time to make a elevated platform for it to sit on right now. I might have to bolt it down through those isolators in the front then turn buckle it down in the back for right now. Unless they sell a aftermarket attachment like i was talking about.