Trailer brake controller

Got a new trailer to be ready on Monday.
Never owned a trailer with brakes, so I am a noob on this subject.
Got a 03TB 5.3 4x4
Until last night I thought I was good, but after talking to same friends they ask me if i had a brake controller, and this got the best of me.
Some say yes, same said no, but the overall consensus was better be safe than sorry.

The manual says that it is pre wired for a brake controller.
I looked on the internet and saw videos on how to install it, and there are tons of controllers out there.
I am not looking at going cheap here, and like i said i am a noob on this subject.

I want one for safety reasons, always good to play safe even if i over do it.

But i woukd like to hear from you guys that own one, even better if you have a similar vehicle and what controller you recommend

What are you pulling your trailer with?

03 trailblazer 5.3L 4x4

If they are there id install the controller instead of letting them sit and inevitabley seize up from lack of use. Thats a small truck too so it wouldnt hurt to have IMO

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This is the brand I have for my truck. You can get cheaper brands for around $50. You may need small wiring harness as well to plug into module under your dash as well which if I recall was $12-$15. Install is really plug and play if you are pre-wired.


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Nice tyvm

Will go with th e Tekonsha
From what I gather proportional is better than timed

Ya running an SUV id get a break controller for sure. This is the one I ran on my last F-150

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Personally i really like the Tekonsha P3. It has been working really well for me. Easy to adjust, easy to operate.

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I think tekonsha, pricy but very good reviews.

I’m also getting my first trailer with brakes. I’m pulling it with a 2011 Chevy truck. Never had trailer brakes before either. Once you set the controller do you always leave it or will you have to change it every once in a while?

No idea…i guess it stays there.
From what I read the chip inside can detect when the trailer is hooked to the electrical circuit.

The one I’m using, stays in the truck 24/7. It’s been there since I started driving it. Probably been there since 08. Shouldn’t have to change it unless it quits working, & at that point check all the connections with the trailer 1st.

You don’t change the controller. However they all have an adjustment knob or wheel that you slide/turn to adjust the input to the brakes. This should be done every time you change loads because of weight difference and periodically just to keep the brakes at optimum pressure. This is an electrical break not a highdraulic break system. So it is important to make sure you adjust them accordingly. Having a break system,on any trailer makes your ride much more safe and save tons of stress on your vehicle.


All is basically what rbu hauing and how much where and tear u want wither ur truck, or trailer to take. If im hauling my mower and weedeater i dont even touch t. If i stick a sled in bed of my truck and load the 4 place up w 4 more sleds and head to the snow, i turn that thang up so i can use the trailer brakes to slow my truck…

Finally installed

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Hello, I have a 03 f150 did you need anything else besides this controller to make the trailer brakes work? Thanks

My vehicle was pre wired so it was a matter of just connecting the wires.
Read your manual.
Never the less i paid to get it installed.