Trailer advertising

Just bought a new enclosed and im going to advertise on it. Dont know if I just want lettering or vinyl graphics with before/after pics on it. Does anyone have an opinion to which would attract more business. I always felt a pic says it all.

A picture is worth a thousand words my friend

Hands down if you are going to do either Wrap it! We get TONS of business, just from people seeing our trucks.Initially I looked at the two. For the cost of vinyl lettering you are darn near the cost of a wrap .Plus working with a designer will help with your overall branding.It has been the one best $$ we have spent.

We just bought this trailer a couple weeks ago and had all of our info put on it. This without a doubt gets us way more attention than our open trailer ever did. We have people coming up to us everywhere asking to give them estimates.

Thats a sweet trailer. Thought about implementing the bubble background as well.