So heres something yal will get a kick out of. I am a member of a fishing group and we have our own forum like this. A decorated veteran Twan has been around for a while and was fishing the beach in SC. He got hassled by lifeguards for fishing close to beach goers. And they tried to feed him laws that don’t exist. Yada Yada cops got called. They take 2 hours to sort everything out. They end up telling him to pack up. He makes a post about it.
~insert keyborard warrior Nathan “orange man bad. “ “It’s probably because they are racist bc of our president. “ He insults America his service his family. The guy makes a reference to smacking him with a fishing pole and getting away with it.
So keyboard warrior keeps on… long story short Twan drives to Ohio. Nathan contacts the police. They come hear both sides and decide not to get further involved but still feel like they should let them dispute it and observe for safety.
So Tyuan a L’uocean Vietnamese American Citizen got to pummel a white only tough on internet punk who disrespects his country while law enforcement observed.
That’s my :us: