Too small for residential/small roof washing?

Looks like it’s only got 15m or 30m of hose on reels supplied, most roofs I need about 50 and the pump is pretty small too.
But you could still clean stuff with it.
I looked at these setups and couldn’t find anything that really met my requirements so in the end I made my own - 5.5gpm 12v, two 30m lengths of polybraid and my old 150litre weed sprayer tank. Works fine but not fancy.
I have a backup 12v versa jet in case of pump failure on job which hasn’t happened yet but I’m waiting.
Recently added a solar panel to charge battery and next I will upgrade wiring and add a marine switch and isolater.

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Hey Clayton :call_me_hand:t2:

I’ve since found these…

These seem better - one petrol, one electric…

They look pretty good mate, I like the tanks and hose +reel on the electric setup and it’s got a cool spill tray.
The other setups canopy is worth $220 all day long.
Hard to trust a second hand 12v pump although it looks fairly new.
My pick is the 12v unit, especially if you can get a bit knocked off that price.

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I’ll check them both out I think.

I’ve contacted Nova pumps (as they are made here) to see if they can handle SH - if they can, I’ll probably go the GX160 route as they run forever!

Saves messing with batteries, wiring, charging, replacing pumps etc.

It’s mainly for heavy pre/post application, walls and a few roofs.

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