Too much down time..... need Transfer pump?

Sometimes buffer tank takes long to fill and empties quick.
Here is what I am thinking.
Getting a transfer pump with 5 feet of non collapsible hose to hook to the client’s end then my regular hose to my buffer tank probably 1500gph.
Would this work?
or is there a better way or pump, want to increase the flow to my buffer tank.

Are you trying to burn up there well pump?

You could always just bring some water with you. How bigis your buffer tank? How many gpms on you’re machine?

If clients have wells then I woulnt use it

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City waters not pumping 8 + gpm ?

Not an option, too expensive and clients wont pay, honestly I dont cause I am scared and safety.
My tote is 275
8hpm and 4gpm, I seldom use them at the same time.

Most homes do around 5gpm here, in the city, but county sometimes is less.
Problem is when I go to older city dwellings.
Had to do 4 homes today.
First 2 took my 1 hour, both around 3500sqf.
3rd 4500sqf 1.5 hours, had to wait for buffer twice, arrived with 30gl
4th 1800sqf plus vinyl fence, 2.5 hours, had to stop 4 times, and after i hooked up client’s hose to my buffer tank, had 2 hoses feeding it.

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Thus i am looking for alternatives… transfer pump?
Or any other sort of pump, or whateveryoumightcallit
I am tired.

Have a good plumber on speed dial and don’t get caught

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Elaborate please…is it illegal? Or not safe or something could be ruined.

I have found when I elaborate people just argue till they realize I’m right and I waste a lot of my time lol.


Could be right…
But in this case i have no clue.
I am sking for advise, not looking for an argument

Water is expensive? Not in my experience. @Innocentbystander is talking about pulling water before the meter. I know people that do that with electricity. How would a transfer pump be any faster than using the faucet? You’re still going to have to fill a reservoir with water before you can transfer it. Where are you going to get that water? Not trying to be a downer. Maybe I’m just not following you 100%. But you can’t suck more water out of the faucet then it’s putting out.

I wonder the same thing…

I don’t think that you can pull more water volume through a system than it is already providing. You can increase pressure, but that does not increase the volume of water.

Yeah. One of us is confused about how things work. Maybe it’s me…

That’s funny. We both edited our posts at the same time to say the same thing. What a coinkadink.

Not talking about pulling water before the meter.

I know. That’s what innocentbystander was saying.

Ok…back to square one.

Not in my experience but I’m sure it varies from place to place. I usually see around 3-5 gallons on residential. If you tap into the irrigation on a commercial property it might be a different story.