Too long of a run?

6’ feed line going up to a belt drive. Shouldn’t be a problem? 1” poly braid going to 80mesh banjo filter.

Mine is over 4’ and no issues, going from bed of truck to machine mounted above.

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Cool, this should be fine then. Now I can’t figure out why it’s not pulling fuel into the filter when I choke it. :man_facepalming:

I like that, may steel some of those ideas.
Maybe move the tank where the reel sits
Can you see the flashing led when the box is out of sight?

Dump some gas down the hose that runs from the gas tank to the fuel pump. The pump probably just needs primed.


Oh and I don’t remember who was asking but this GP 150’ hose reel easily fits 200’ of single wire hose. Can’t find the thread where someone was asking so hopefully you read this.

Gonna try that now. Seems like it would just go back into the tank but I’m not so mechanically inclines. Giving it a shot now.

At night you can, but during the day you have to be in direct sight. I rarely even concern myself with the led. When you press the button it works

Ok great

Just tried that. Poured it through the top of the filter and it’s going straight through and to the tank. Maybe the pump isn’t designed to pull that high up?

Shut the fuel off at the tank. Disconnect hose from tank or even fuel filter and dump towards fuel pump.

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I put the tank level and it runs. Put it on the floor and it doesn’t. Damn. That’s a lot of work to move the tank.

I didn’t look at your picture very good and didn’t realize the tank was so low. Kind of hard to dump towards pump. You might be correct about it not drawing that high. You could try moving the pump closer to the tank and get a longer carb and pulse hose.

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How’s your oil level? Mine was mimicking having fuel troubles but it turned out to be low engine oil.

I was able to pour it towards the pump like you suggested and it ran but did not stay running. Now it’s cycling

Another option is an electric fuel pump. I purchased one when I threw an 18 hp engine in our golf cart and thought I needed it. They aren’t that expensive but I doubt I’ll ever need it.

I’ll check it but it’s a new machine. First time Ive started it. What makes me think it’s a problem pumping fuel it the fuel filter will not fill up even once it starts running.

Hooks right up to a 12v I’m assuming? This sounds like the best option so far. I’l call the vendor tomorrow and ask them about the height and gravity effects/capabilities

I think it would work if you move the pump lower towards the tank. That’s a long way to initially pump the gas but once the gas gets through the pump it should stay there instead of draining back down. I’m not 100% on that but pretty confident. It might be easier to try instead of moving tank. Just need some some extra 1/4" fuel line or whatever size it is.

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