Today’s quote


I messaged Guy a few days ago and he got back with me tonight…Original shooter tip is paid for and on the way
I’m anxious to try it out and see how it does I’ve heard mixed reviews some people like it some people don’t maybe it’ll just be something that sits in the toolbox.


Completed the job today. Made myself a 15’ lance out of three 5’ aluminum lances joined together and run inside my wfp. It really came in handy when the breeze picked up a bit. Had it been a perfectly calm day, I could’ve gotten by with everyone’s suggestions of standing on the deck, working at an angle, yada yada. As it was, I did 95% of my rinsing that way. But using the lance for soaping cut way down on my overspray.

Was on site for a total of 5 hours, including lunch break. $875 for power washing and $225 for exterior window cleaning. So my hourly was right on target.

Oh, also got $100 cash tip. I guess they were pleased :smile: