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Yes, it’s the original Gut Blackmon one. They’re about $25 if I remember.


It’s a gimmick. Spent like $25-30 and I felt like I could pee higher(on a bet,of course)
I’ve got two here I’ll sell you cheap!


Are they GB ones? How much?


Yeah I think they are.
About five inches long, aluminum, 1/4 inch threads at the base and a tapered end.
Right after I bought them I was out on on job on a windy day, standing on a hill trying to reach the second story of a 2 story house with a walkout.(I didn’t bring a ladder) The J-rod just wasn’t getting it there ( I thought, oh I forgot I bought those magic nozzles, this is the perfect time)
Hooked it up, and I was completely let down. The j-rod went further than the so called shooter nozzle.
Embarrassingly the home owner, who was watching me like a hawk the entire time, offered up a ladder. I had no other choice than to accept to finish the job without leaving.
PM me your address and if I can still find them I’ll ship them to you free.


@NewGuy89 I keep hearing such great stuff about the shooter tips…if you find them Id definitely like one to try out and see how it does especially if you don’t want it.


Those aren’t Guys’ His are stainless about 4". Doesn’t shoot considerable further than like a 0050 but holds tighter pattern


OK, I’m Sorry. ( Man, I have to apologize a lot here)
In my defense, I have had these for a few years now and I’m old and can’t remember who I bought what from.
Upon further review, it appears I bought the assassin nozzle and not Guy Blackmons Shooter nozzle.
I honestly don’t know what the difference would be but after looking at GB’s he doesn’t have the two cut ins where you can get a wrench on and the assassin does
Either way, they, or it, is yours, as soon as I find it in all that mess in my shop.
PM me your add and it’ll be there. I have NO use for it.


No problem. I’ve tried those, you can keep.


I use guys as well. I must have lost three of them until I took out the long range high pressure tip on the Jrod and replaced it with guys shooter tip. It gets me an extra 5’ of so and like racer says, tighter pattern which means better in the wind. Totally worth it. I use it frequently


Yes I use GB shooter tip it will get you through wind with a tight stream.


Good for knocking down those 2 story wasp nests too.


Huh. My nozzle has the two flat spots for a wrench. You mean there’s a better shooter nozzle than what I’ve been using for the last two years? Must. Order. :open_mouth:


Y’all know you can put a 4 inch pipe nipple on a 0050 tip and get the same results? For about $1


Racer where do I buy these tips? I googled and can’t find where to buy.


Go on Facebook and search for Guy Blackmon shooter tip. He has a FB page setup for orders



Thanks as always.


It’s amazing how cheap some guys are with equipment but then get mad when a customer wont pay their price.


I get what you’re saying, but I’m not sure to whom it’s in reference.


Just a general statement