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You stand back as much as you can, even if only 5’, aim down one end of the building, then reverse and do other end, kind of like you do washing soffit on close together buildings. Could stand on that little deck and get 2/3s of both and down the sides.


I love it. I was actually thinking the same thing yesterday. My carbon fiber wfp would be so much more stable than a fiberglass pole. They sell the trigger guns for those wands separately. So yeah, it actually seems feasible to make your own telescopic wand that won’t suck as much as the standard ones.

But for this job, I’m thinking of stringing together 10 or 15 feet of lances and just going for it :rofl:

Everyone has had great suggestions so far. I’m looking forward to when I can upgrade to an 8 gpm machine, and these situations won’t be quite as difficult :slightly_smiling_face:


One 10’ should do it. My 4gpm shoots 35’ with shooter tip and no lance. Wear your rain jacket though, lol


@Infinity I’m anxious for the day that I go to a 8gpm myself…I never realized how much of a difference gpm makes, when I first started out I thought I was rocking and rolling with my 3gpm then I got my 4gpm and was like wow and I thought I would stay with that, I had carb troubles and it went in the shop I went and bought a 5.5…ive never used my 4gpm again it’s just a backup…if I had to use it I’d probably cry lol…now I want an 8-10gpm. I was even thinking about building one of those Predator motors with the udor pump just to break me in to the 8gpm field…I can’t even imagine how far up you can shoot with a 8gpm…
I looked at an apartment community the other day and it was 4 stories,and I thought I can’t reach that with my 5.5 lol


That’s a tricky one especially because of the hill. I was just messing around because of the way you wrote you had to give in and buy a telescopic pole. You sounded disappointed.

But the x-jet on the extension pole sounds like it’ll get you out of a pinch.


I was able to reach the peak of this one on a 8ft step ladder, 3ft wand, and shooter tip with my 8gpm. The maintenance manager asked me when the boom was getting delivered before I started and didn’t believe I could clean this without it. @Infinity I see your dilemma with the sloped property though.


@Racer is the shooter tip really that awesome it just looks like a piece of tubing to me? Is yours “the original shooter tip” just asking because I always like adding tools that make jobs easier and I’ve never picked one of those up just wondered if it was a gimmick or not.


This is so true wind is a huge factor. That slightest breeze absolutely killed me yesterday!


Im not sure if you have any harness gear. But the roof is completely flat… Ladder up and tie off on the roof and get in a harness and repel down five feet and you can hit that complete top side from the middle. Repel down finish it from the bottom and call it a day.


This thread just entered the twilight zone…


Stop overthinking everything.

Telescoping poles, repelling gear, helicopters…

Grab yourself a 8 ft lance if needed and spray some freaking soap on the side of the building.

Collect your money.

Move to the next job.



Ohhh helicopter I hadn’t thought of that one…I like it and you wouldn’t have to worry about sh in your face!! Lol


You cant be serious… I hope your just messing around.


Hey don’t forget to get your 50 ft pole out and brush gutter grenade on those gutters all around😂


Sure hope you’re joking.

The roofs aren’t flat, btw…


Water balloons.


I have drawn soap with yellow pole and my smaller machine… i have not tried with the 5.5 machine.


Hmm, I bet if I threw a way-undersized injector on there, it would pull no problem.

I’ll do practically anything to avoid having an xjet hose at the end of an extension lance :laughing:


Looked flat from the pictures above. Have I ever done this no. Could I do this is nothing else was an option sure. I also rock climb so harnessing up and tieing off isn’t no big deal to me haha.


Window cleaners repel down buildings all day long it’s not a big deal honestly.


Might have one for sale for you. :laughing: