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Looks like I’ll be breaking down and buying a telescopic wand finally. No way I’m hitting that with a shooter on a 3’ lance, lol


8gpm will hit that all day long.

What are you running?


My telescopic won’t draw soap. I only use it for rinsing tough spots if I have to.

Xjet + Telscopic wand has gotten me out of some rare tough ones.


Ahhh X-Jet - I DS, so that’ll be why :+1:t2:

I ds mainly as well but that’s one of those rare cases the xjet is good to have in the arsenal.


That I’d like to see. Probably 50’ or more from a safe standing position to the uppermost areas to be washed. The ground slopes away steeply from the foundation.

Ruh roh. Wonder why that is? Too much restriction in the hose?

Now I’m contemplating how I could rig up a different solution. Maybe 3 of those 6’ lances linked together, and run through the top 3 sections of my wfp to stabilize them… :smirk:

If there’s no wind you’re ok…but I mean zero wind. If there’s even a slight breeze it won’t happen. I run the same machine and I can hit about 45-50 feet with my GB shooter tip on 3ft lance with no wind.

Well, they just accepted my quote. So looks like I gotta figure something out :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Telescoping pole won’t draw soap through a DS like mentioned above. Tried it many different ways no luck.

Like @harold said .telescoping pole with x jet has gotten me out of lift rentals and 40 ft ladders a few times.


Can you walk below the bottom windows?

Or are you talking about washing from the bottom of the hill?

I love to come up with solutions for problems I do it all day long… how about if you get an extender pole for like window washing such as like a Unger, put a trigger assembly on it or a ball valve run a whip line to the top and hose clamp the hose wit a quick connect…
Basically just build your own extend a pole with the correct size hose so it’ll still pull from the downstream injector

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Any idea why you can’t DS with telescoping pole?

Nooooooooooo!!! :wink:

Hose inside wand is usually 1/4 inch. To much restriction


That’s weird…I had a 12ft yellow noodle that I used a number of times with my 4/4 and a j-rod to DS when it was windy. I hated that 4/4…it was terrible at reaching heights like 3 stories so I had to use the yellow noodle at times. It did pull soap though.

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That will be tough between those buildings at a full 3 stories with only about 10 feet between buildings. A lot of HW mix coming back down on your face that day…lol


I’d hit it from the porch😬