To Tender or Not To Tender

  1. (tr) to give, present, or offer to tender one’s resignation tender a bid
  2. (Business / Commerce) (intr; foll by for) to make a formal offer or estimate for (a job or contract)
  3. (Law) (tr) Law to offer (money or goods) in settlement of a debt or claim
  4. the act or an instance of tendering; offer
  5. (Business / Commerce) Commerce a formal offer to supply specified goods or services at a stated cost or rate
  6. (Economics, Accounting & Finance / Banking & Finance) something, esp money, used as an official medium of payment legal tender

Yes its good when starting off to get involved in tenders but why lower your your price to just get a job.? Don’t get me wrong, we did for the University but that job was worth more on our portfolio that anything else… However in would not be done again for that price…
Sometimes tenders are done by large clients for transparency but is that Fact or Fiction…“Sometimes they already know who is gonna get it”
I think even home-owners tender in their own special way but they for one can be persuaded by quality… On the other hand the larger companies with so called project managers may be just interested in how much they saved on maintenance this year…!!!

Would love to hear the different views of the other contractors around the world…
Do you Tender?
Have you done it ?
do you still do it?
Do you think that its a real process?

Here in the States we call it an estimate or a quote.

Well call it what you want. Once a client collects a set of quotes to review for selection ; that is called a tendering process.

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I’m not getting your question or statement? Are you asking if we give quotes/estimates/tender?

I’m with Jeremy, I guess I don’t understand the question. I wasn’t trying to be smart, I was just stating the the process you described we call quotes or estimates.

I give out quotes and estimates all the time. Solicited or unsolicited, I give them out all the time.

It’s called a bid review in the Mid-Atlantic region. Yes, I participate in as many as I think will be profitable.

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Well I try to stay away from tenders because I think it devalues you service price. Here, If I were to give my actual tender price I would never get the job.
I did a tender for a university and it was for pressure washing., I told the rep that we offer a different type of service card softwashing and his reply was " well we need it power washed and that’s what the tender is about. "

I have even approached different large clients to offer softwashing and they were like: "ok, but were would have to get two other quotes. " low an behold, they put my softwashing package with the pressure washer and I don’t get the job…
I have even questioned them because how can I be tendering when I am the only one here doing that service.

Untill I get some competition I am staying away from that process.

Hopes this clears the air!

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I THINK I see what you’re saying to an extent. You’re saying you don’t bid if all they are going on is price and not service, and to some degree, I see where you’re coming from. I know to stay away from certain jobs because they don’t care about quality, just who does it the cheapest. Here is where you do 2 things…educate the customer and IF THEY ARE SERIOUS tell them to compare apples to apples and do a test spot. Ask them to have EVERYONE bidding to do a test spot and make sure you’re on a level playing field. Second of all, you’re going to have to drop refusing to call it pressure washing. I made the same mistake too when first starting out and wanted to have ONLY soft washing. Didnt work to well, cause no one knows what it is. Everyone knows what pressure washing is. Education AFTER you get the customers attention is the key.