To sit in with some EPA & other officials?

Some of us are curious to see who would be interested in sitting in with some officials from anyone of the following and if where lucky maybe a couple from each EPA,POTW,AHJ’s and people who are influential that can maybe help get this Industry more on the map.

This would be a question and answer type session.

Take the poll above and add your thoughts here as to what you think… Because your opinions matter.


John T.

Define “Us” John.

Who would want anything to do with the EPA?

You want to be able deal with them and hopefully cause positive change… But that’s yet TBD.

In the future Guy-- you. Give me another day or two to bring this out some more…

Why not just bring it out now John?

Personally I would rather only involve myself when there is a reason to, or if one of these agencies request a meeting or workshop in my State, City, or Local Area.

I would ask that whatever it is…Keep It Out Of My State!


Wish granted.
We just closed the deal an hour or so ago. Read my Vegas Parking garage update. That is why I couldn’t release anything yet.
Where still finalizing the last details but the “meat & potatoes” is done.
Your a “Tough nut to crack” Guy, but I rather jump into the ring of fire and ask these guys some tough questions myself instead of relying on what I was told what happened in Houston last year and never got a straight answer from the “You know who’s” that went.

Some may frown on doing this and act like we make the rules–I rather meet the rule makers head on to hear for myself what’s what & have a discussion on that instead of getting psycho babbled to death on the net.

I’m sure you can understand that even if you do not agree to corner these type people in a room to get it all out on the table…

I think the idea that you could pin down the EPA for some hard, fast rules that would stick is false and dangerous.
Thin ice, for sure.

I’ll run from a bear if it’s chasing me or try to kill it if I can but if it’s sleeping I would tiptoe past and leave it alone.

Houston & Vegas are two different places with different rules John I mean common man. This will no doubt have to do with garage cleaning…so yes I’d be very interested in that. I have already emailed my request to attend this event several weeks ago and look forward to my invitation.

Lol… You know me Thad… I rather meet the Bear and take my chances:D this will be very professional. It gives guys opportunity to ask the questions that the internet is not answering.
The Internet is good for what it is but it will never be that Roundtable, event or convention.

I was on a Webinar the other day with some Powerwashers and that was cool… But if I can afford it it’s worth it, I’m going where I have to be… Like NOLA next week–Yea Baby— I’m pumped.

Hey Guy if I had the Know how’s to do what the Garage Doctor Jim Gamble already knows how to do I would’ve done something like this in my home state… I want to know all I can in the parking Garage field where my scope of employment is.

Anyway I thought you might see the light on this once you have an idea what I was talking about. If you didn’t agree with it I would think you wouldn’t have an interest in going.

Lord John what are you talking about now??? What didn’t I agree with??? What light on???

Of course I’m interested in the garage cleaning meet, I’ve already said so and sent an email a few weeks back. I just pointed out that any info from regulators in Vegas “May” not be relevant in NY…that’s all.

I’m not sure what I’m missing here Buddy.

Same thing we missed In Houston-- common Guy didn’t you wish you had gone there to here “the truth”? Did you hear all the bull that came out of there?
Do you really believe something historical came out down there where 2 individuals were so convincing that they were able to get the city of Houston to not only stop writing “Illegal” tickets but they also got them to overturned past fines?? That my friend would’ve been a national story…if it was true.

Where should I put my boots on so I don’t step in all that poo that these guys spewed…

Anyway this Vegas Event is purely about knowledge and if it meaned you or I got to speak to a regulator to hear what they have to say and then we get to ask them questions it’s just to our advantage to be able to deal with them back home… It’s called experience.

You might not need that or want that because maybe you dealt with regulators in the past so you know how to talk there “language” but me and most parking Garage guys havent and knowledge here is paramount. Doesn’t matter where we,us,you got it from whether it was from Houston etc… It’s important to learn how to talk their talk… And maybe beat them at there own game by us being considered to help make change possible.

If I didn’t believe that I would’ve never helped out with this Vegas Parking Garage event.

Don’t believe most of the “Hype” garbage that spews from the net. Find out for yourself by being somewhere in person like you did in the Huntsville Bama RT.

Oh heck yea I would of loved to have been in Houston…But common John I saw what happened, Michael sent me the DVD’s of the meetings. I’m not going to get into this here because #1…It has nothing to do with Vegas…and #2…out of respect for Thad & Chris.

That’s great, as soon as I get my invite I’ll plan on being in Vegas personally, and you’re right I can see for myself…But I think both of us know that your “Committee” won’t select me for an invite.

I don’t respect Thad or Chris so spit it out my man…J/K Thad & Chris are aces…
Hey I like to see you there Guy but I can’t guarantee how these are going to end up. I have 3 guys today who are requesting an invite. If it wasn’t for such the small size of this thing the flood gates would be open but it’s not fair to have 50 people come when there are only 5-6 machines running. This is a true working event.

What I can tell you is if you are selected there will be a deposit needed right afterwords that’s non refundable and locks you in. This deposit will be deducted from the $329 that’s owed.There’s no games in here because of the small size of this that coul empower a few people to say they want to go just to string us along.

Like you Guy, I’ve been around the block a few times;)

The poll above is saying something…people in this industry care about some of these hardcore issues even if we don’t agree on what to do about it… I hope more respond here as well.

Ugh please don’t bring that nonsense here.

Hey John if you don’t like it don’t waste your time reading it. Can’t please everyone bud.

You got it bud, signing off PWRA, good luck guys!