To rinse or not to rinse... that is the question

For a while now I have just been spraying and letting mother nature do her thing… then coming back in 2 months to check to make sure she held up her end of the bargain… what I am finding is that there is an alarming number of roofs I have to treat and rinse to get the rest of the crap off of it…
putting the feelers out there what does everyone else do…

We rinse continuously for all types of jobs we do. Rinse Rinse Rinse. No call backs and always a happy customer:)

So what do you do with all of the runoff from the roof? Capture it? There is the potential for a lot of “hot” runoff…or do you just not worry about it because you put so much fresh water down to dilute it to a point where it is harmless?

We capture run off in bags. Then we rinse the mix standing in the gutters into bags.

Then we come back a month later and stare in wide eyed amazement at the new found beauty.

Seriously, one roof in six years that upon review, did not appear to be up to snuff.

We have recently stopped rinsing and found it saves us a lot of time with same results. Most of them look good before we leave but some take a rain or 2

If you have the ability to capture it whether thru bags etc. that isn’t a bad idea. What we do is dilute like crazy as well where the down spouts are on the ground.

The reason why we have to rinse our roof cleaning here is because we deal with tons of lichen. Also all of our customers know when we leave their house after we do the job where paid to do everything is done. Keep in mind though that we can rinse up to 30+gallons a minute and there are always 2 guys at every job.