Tips to fight the summr slowdown?

We do mainly residential work, things slow down quite a bit in late July - August. Our plan this year is to layer that little lull with some larger commercial stuff. We tried the same last year and only really half succeeded.

Do you experience a summer slow down?

If so are you planning anything to fight it?


I look forward to the summer slowdown every year gut for the last three we have had large commercial projects all summer so we didn’t really get a break!

what’s a slow down?

How do you get the commercial jobs?

This is a very old thread

Cold call. Join a BNI group. Join a chamber of commerce. Make friends with a commercial realtor. The list is endless. Does anyone you know live in an HOA? That’s residential, but could result in multiple property or contract work.

In my previous profession, our public library has some kind of a database system where you can narrow down who you’re looking for and it will give you a spreadsheet of all the contacts for just about anything you want. If you’re trying to find all veterinarian practices that have been in business for longer than three years in a 15 mile radius it’ll give you all that data and all the phone numbers and addresses.