Tips for SC pressure reduction

2 hours looking for 4500 psi rated 25025 tips on Amazon and I found a set of two rated 25050. Everything else is 4000 rated. Looking for 25025 to bring my SC down to 3000 psi at the concrete. 25050 will bring my 4gpm machine to 2500 psi. I’ll try it with 25050. In your experience do you think 2500 psi at the concrete will be enough if I’m pre and post treating with 3%?

Don’t try and order power washing supplies off amazon. Here’s the spray nozzles you should be using. Well, not this one exactly. You want a 2503 maybe? You didn’t say what the output of your machine was.

Disregard pressure ratings for spray nozzles. Use the Chart or a pressure calculator like this one:


Output beginning is 4400 psi 4GPM. Charts all say 25025 for desired 3000 psi or 25050 for desired 2500 psi.

Then you probably want to go with 25025 WashJet nozzles made by “Spraying Systems”. They don’t need to be rated for the 4400 psi, because they will only be generating 3000 psi. Hope that makes sense.

It does. I’ll have a look. Thank you.

25025’s on a surface cleaner will hit the pavement at 2500psi, remember it’ll drop after 100-200’ of hose.

Thanks man.