Tips for hot pressure washer

Hey all. I just bought a hotsy pressure washer and a.m. ready to put it to work. I have been doing residential soft washing and pressure washing for several years now and am ready to expand into more commercial type of work. Do y’all have any tips on using a hot washer such as dos’ and dont’s? Also how do I go about recruiting new work for this type of washer. Thanks guys

Just bought a Hotsy myself back in November…No issues at all. I have a fleet of 23 trucks and 50 trailers I wash and it’s doing the job. I’m still working with differnt detergents for best results…but all have still required brush work. Good luck!!

It’s an older washer mounted in an enclosed trailor.
What is the best way to recruit new work . What kind of businesses would be more likely to want hot pressure washing.

So you bought a new machine with out knowing how to use it and how to get work for it…

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Fast food restaurants, banks, strip malls.

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Walk in ask a manager who’s in charge of property maintenance, offer your services, give a business card, get their name and email. Sell, sell, sell.


Fleets and Concrete are about the only things that hot water is needed for… I’d go after fleets and concrete lol

Thanks for the input. I was also thinking of the dumpster areas at restaurants.