Time to start?

Hey guys thanks for all the advice and knowledge that is in this forum! I have been researching for the past 3 months and I have came a long way from where I started. (I was that guy that bought a telescoping wand to reach two story houses). I have a box store 4gpm 4200 psi direct drive pressure washer and a 18" SC from home Depot. I now know that I probably should have spent the extra money and bought something like @Infinity recommended from kec the 5.5 gpm 2500 psi. (You should get a commission from them haha). I have a 5x8 trailer set up right now but do not have a buffer tank yet. I was thinking of just keeping the pressure washer I have now to build up some money and then buy a bigger PW. I have changed out all the QC with Hansen and purchased the st 2315 spray gun. I have both a 6" wand and a 12" wand and bought a 2-3 gpm injector. I have 200 feet of garden hose and 150 feet of pressure hose. The main question I have now is if it’s worth it to start my business now in mid August or should I continue to research and start next spring. I live in Massachusetts so I’m not sure how busy I would be this time of the year going into fall. I have created my business cards and am looking into someone creating my website on fivver. The only thing that I have left to do is get insurance through Joseph Walters but was wondering if I should hold off until spring? I currently work in retail but I get out at 11 am so I have all day to work on the business. Thanks again for all the information on this website!


No time like the present!!!

Where do you live

Wouldn’t hurt to create a Facebook business page and post your services in some local buy/sell groups. I’d also call around to some of your local agents about liability insurance. Not sure if you have any Erie Insurance providers around you but I’d highly recommend them.

@Patriotspwashing I live in Western Massachusetts the Springfield area… @JayDavis thank you! I will do that


I would for sure just go ahead and get started. Even if you’re not going to be taking on jobs, there are other things you can focus on. Like @JayDavis said, get yourself some insurance and make yourself or your page present on facebook and other social media platforms.
If you’re planning to build a website, it would be smart to get all that stuff in rotation now. It can take a few months for your SEO stuff to register and head up toward the first few pages of google (Depending on how many similar services are in the area).

I say don’t wait


It’s good to get some practice in as well. Wash your own house, family, friends…anything to get some hands on experience before going out and charging people. You can make money with a 4gpm machine for a while and learn with it. I have a 5.6/2500 machine and it works great for house washing. Yes you need a buffer tank with that…65 gallon one is good. Springtime is going to be your busiest season. Don’t get discouraged if you start in the fall and not crush it. Marketing is a large part of this business. As was mentioned…FB business page…get some before/after pics (OF YOUR OWN)…to use for marketing on buy/sell groups and FB. Business cards, door hangers, etc and go make some money.


Thank you guys for the info. @Barry1 Sorry I should have mentioned that I have done 6 houses so far (all friends and family) to get some pictures for the website. I have made business cards and door hangers just have to create an account on social media. I just wasn’t sure if it’s worth it to start paying insurance now and throughout the winter if I’m not really going to get much business.

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You need insurance regardless. It doesn’t take but one job to go wrong and it won’t necessarily have to be your fault but it could cost you everything you have without insurance.


@Kps0410 I know, I was just doing friends and family so far I wasn’t going to start the business without insurance. I was thinking about just starting the business next spring

I misunderstood, my bad.

I’d just wait till Feb.


Thanks for the advice… Just watched your driveway wash last night good stuff!

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hey Jake. speaking of insurance. have any youd recommend? thanks

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Look into a lead generating company like HomeAdvisor. I use them and it pays off to get you off the ground and putting your name out there. I turn about 70-75% of those leads into jobs. Good luck with your business!

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I’d start marketing still. Present it as a grand opening type thing with a countdown and create some exclusivity behind it that’s also meant to help you hit the ground running. ONLY 10 spots available for March!

Use free options like networking groups and Facebook.

Something like that. Then in the 3rd week of March if there’s demand for it: ACT NOW! ONLY 5 spots available in the last week of March due to high demand!

As long as you’re not lying about demand/spots available you can make it sound like a bigger deal than it is with capital letters for the right words and exclamation points. Lol seriously.

The only thing I’ve decided I love more than HA is my BNI group.


Start with gutter cleaning and remarket pressure washing to those customers in the spring.

Justinpm15 did my pressure washing website for <$300

I’ve got a local consultant named Larissa Uredi whose company is doing the Christmas light company’s website right now for <$800 and she’s an astute digital marketer. She’ll have control of the pressure washing website by spring.

Here’s Larissa’s number if you want it. She works with a ton of service companies.

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Crazy that you said this cause this has been my plan for sept. Only make 10-12 available spots (part time) make it seem more scarce/exclusive. Whale Vomit by Kevin Dubrosky is really solid imo

@squidskc right. There’s plenty for you to do to get ready to rock in the Spring. Website, FB page, sales stuff. Do a few more jobs for friends or some driveways. Play with your equipment so you know everything there is to know about it.

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