Time to clean sidewalks

I have a bid opportunity to clean all of the sidewalks for a local town on a regular basis. The question is with an 8 gallon per minute machine and using my 28 inch surface cleaner, how many square feet do you think could be done in one hour? I will be using hot water to speed up the process but also need to be blocking off storm drains and reclaiming the water. They want a price per square foot. Sidewalks are between 3-8’ wide. Looks like just under 3/4 of a mile. They may want me to clean sidewalks on both sides of the street (waiting for answer) so could be 1.4 miles of sidewalks at 3 to 8 feet wide. For northern California in an expensive area to do business does .15c per square foot sound reasonable or outrageous?

Forgot to add that they would like me to do this on a regular basis if I got the job

Bro delete that picture ASAP…

You going to post the name and email phone number for the guy in charge?

Likely you have competitors lurking this forum


I don’t pretend to know much about your particular situation, but I try for .15 sq/ft on standard residential without reclaim…seems like a lot of work for little reward.

If you only knew one quarter of the stuff I feel I can’t talk about here. I sitting on some next level stuff and my wife is just threw with it.


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