Tim Fields PWRA bulletin board adviser expert!

Tim is a man of many hats and he wears them well. In my 16 yrs now(going on 19 yrs in business) coming to Industry bulletin boards the one person who stands out that gave so much great advise on the net freely all the time was David Olson who since passed away.

Tim is heading up to Davids level. Tim is by far an Industry Bulletin board expert adviser.

Thanks Tim for all you do and your a great benefit to my PWRA membership. Thanks bud.

That’s very kind of you John T. I do what I can but I’ve never had a pressure washer powered by a small block Chevy so for that and other reasons, I shall never hold a candle to the late Mr. Olson. But your shout out is appreciated.

David was such a unique Individual. He ran such a tight profitable business and he was a master of his domain(as in equipment). Him and I use to exchange emails and I also had the honor of meeting him in NC 07/08(Davids business was located out of IL.) at probably the largest attended Powerwashing Roundtable in the country before or since. Met Thad and some others there as well.

David always gave such detailed answers and was always available to listen to anything one had to say.

I knew David was sick in 2011 but he never led anyone on to how sick he really was. To find out he passed away 3 days before x-mas 2011 was devastating. He died 6 months short of being married to his high school sweetheart for 50yrs. David was extremely impacting to guys like myself so he will never be forgotten.

You Tim for the newer guys and industry veterans I see alot of comparisons to how David was to some of us when we started or had some years on.

Some of the littlest things mean so much to some people it makes it all worth it to help each other when we can and you sure do.


Aight you boys is about to lose your man card! LOL

Seriously, thanks to both of you for helping all of us!

Yup some of us wear our emotions on our sleeves and what you see is what you get with no sugar coating in between. It’s great to see people give back in this Industry. It’s the best attribute of these bulletin boards which is the number 1 reason why I like going to them…especially here on the PWRA bb which I consider the ones who post here are just another benefit towards my PWRA membership.