Tile roofs/soft

So after 1000+posts in the wcr I have to post over here.

Roof washing and home washing where I live we have very very few homes with shingles and nearly all homes are stucco.

Can roof tiles be soft washed? Over the years I have cleaned some roofs with a pw but it takes forever.

If it is possible would the runoff damage or discolor the stucco?

It seems so much safer and easier to clean from the ground and a lot less water used.

Any input would be


I wouldn’t worry about damaging or discoloring the stucco as long as you have a ground person spaying any areas that you overspray on.

All roofs can be softwashed, but not with a pressure washer as you couldn’t get the mix strong enough. You’ll need a dedicated roof cleaning pump or chemical pump to apply the cleaning solution. Here are some ready to go options for you: