Three way valve woes

OK, this was supposed to be very simple. Gotta a tank skid with the BY-pass unloader. Added an OEM float tank and trying to add a three way valve. The instructions and photos from Hydrotek have little relevance to the machine we’ve got. The unloader has a hose going right back to the 200 gallon tank. When we throw the three way valve to run from the float tank, instead of the big 200 gallon tank, what happens to the by pass unloader hose? Still dump back into the big tank?

Also, can we cut out the 200 gallon tank and run straight from the wall spigot, via the little float tank?

What I really need is a couple photos of someone who has the Hydrotank float tank and three way valve setup. Help!

No matter what the input source is (200 Gallon tank or the Float tank) it is still going to by pass when not in use into the 200 gallon tank. You want that because that will keep up from burning up your pump. I just bought a used Hydrotek with a float tank. I would post a picture but I’m sure it has been changed. Anyway, both (Float tank and in my case water a water hose connector) are plumped to the pump though a T with no valve at the pump. So it will pull from both or only 1 if you turn off the valve at the float tank and in your case the valve at your 200 gallon tank. So put a ball valve on your float tank and your 200 gallon tank and turn off the one you don’t want to use. Hope this help and not quite sure why anyone would want to use the float tank cause it only looks like it hold 2-3 gallons. I guess it would be good for winterizing your pump but I see no other use for it.

Thanks, that worked, and so does the machine now. We just wanted the float tank for winterizing.

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