Thoughts on this machine

Thinking of picking up this 630 8 gpm off of Facebook. Seems like a good deal but Want your opinions. 1900 seems like a good amount Of hours on it but if I can get it for $1200-1300 it think it may be worth it

  1. Thats not a cat pump as the sellers claims. Its a General (first red flag)

  2. From what I can see, Im betting that machine was used for upstreaming, not downstreaming based on the corrosion below the pump on the frame (second red flag)

  3. Walk away…

Ditto @KMP. Walk away.

Heard! That’s why I check! 690 and udon pump will be ordered new this weekend. If I did end up buying it I would assume that I would have to replace the pump soon anyways. More so concerned how the 630 would hold up after that much use

Good move on passing. The first thing I saw was where he rattle-canned black paint on the rusty skid and the exhaust to try and make it look better lol

Yeah mine’s getting some rust on it too, around 200 hours.

1900 hours isn’t much on a Honda. Most of mine are 2500 plus. But new and an Udor is always best if you can swing it.

That was the thinking with this. If I could get it used with a serviceable pump for the rest of the season And know the motor will last a good while longer It could be worth it.

You can buy that 630 for 1250.00 new, so…

So I caved and bought it anyway. Ended up talking him down to $1250 and got my choice of 4 diff machines and the one I got looks much better than the one pictured. Setting it up tmrw and hoping it runs as well as when I tested it.

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That’s called refurbishing around this parts…lol